by Julianna Gąsiorowska

Wordy Cross Block - tutorial

Today I'm going to show you how you can make blocks for pillow like this one:

This pillow is perfect for a modern gift or as a Christmas decoration for your home.
If you don't have fabric with Christmas sentences - don't worry! You can always make version using regular fabric with words and some Christmas fabrics for background.

You can make one two versions of this block:
1) top stripe from fabric with words and background stripe from matching solid - like in my Christmas pillow, or
2) top and background stripes from wordy fabric - like in the block from this tutorial (be careful with choosing the wordy fabric for background stripe, it looks nice when the sentences on top stripe are clearly visible).

To make a block you'll need fabric squares (charms) and fussy cut strips from fabric with words:

Sew background strip on the charm:

Cut charm at the edges of background stripe (like shown above).

Press the background stripe on the right side and match cut charm to the background stripe:

Press the charm on the right side - your block is half ready. Now you can repeat each step (placing the top stripe horizontally) or use simple method without cutting. I'll show you this method below.

Place top stripe on the charm, pin it and sew it on:

Then press the edges (for seam allowances distance):

Press the whole stripe on the right side (keeping the pressed seam allowance part under the stripe) and pin it:
Top-stitch the top stripe with matching thread:

Congrats! Your block is ready:)

To make a pillow sew a few blocks, add sashing between blocks in rows:

and between rows of blocks:

and complete the pillow - easy-peasy:)

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  1. piekny tutorial :)
    i poducha wyglada dzieki takim blokom cudnie!


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