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FQ retreat 2013 is over

Polska wersja za 2 tygodnie:)

I can't believe that it is only a few days after FQ retreat was over. It's really hard to write everything about retreat - so many things happend! If I had to write a short summary about it, I should mention that it was:
  1. hot - what was really suprising since London seems to be rainy most of the time. In our hotel there was no air condition, so you can imagine how we felt, especially in the morning...,
  2. the most stressful event in my life - seriously! I had in my life a lot of stressful moments, but never felt so useless... Usually, stress is motivating me to act, but there were some moments when I felt helpless and I was afraid to... talk (people who already know me, would not be able to believe this:). I can't judge by my own if I was too quiet, but I've got a feeling that I was, at least a bit. The funny thing is that Brioni was convinced that Joanna was very stressed and I was calm, but it was quite opposite!
  3. full of wonderful quilters from all over the world - there were people from many European countries, but also from Canada and US!
I had camera with me, but I didn't make any photos during retreat (I made only some during our Sunday sightseeing trip by bus).
So to prove that we (Joanna and me) were there, here are 2 photos - one made by Miriam, Berlin quilter (with me during Show and Tell - I'm reading script of our PP book, which Tacha showed us) and Lynne, Lily's quilts (with Joanna during our FPP workshop):

We're both on THIS photo (in the right bottom corner chatting with Agnieszka).

Joanna was main speaker at our classes (thank you Joanna!) and I was talking more and more with every minute of our classes, but still I wasn't really so talkative as I usually am. We had the greatest class participants, so patient, kind and supportive! (thank you sooo much for being with us!)
Our classes were at intermediate level, blocks were complicated, but anyway our girls learned so fast new techniques and their blocks were all perfect and lovely! 
I was totally surprised how fast Sara @ Sew Little To Say finished her absolutely gorgeous EPP block (not at home! During retreat!). Just look at all wonderful fussy cuts (the circle in the middle consists of 5 pieces):

And here's wonderful FPP block made by Mary (she finished it right after retreat, glasses were made during classes, there's no mistake in her block - everything is perfect, especially colors:):

There are more amazing works made during our classes or finished soon after retreat - I hope that I will be able to link them here soon:) I've seen more typewriters, including one made by paper piecing beginner (which, by the way, looks fantastic!).

edit: I've added more photos of works made during or right after our EPP classes. To see detailed photos just click on the link under the photo. You can also visit Joanna's blog to download free Read Between Lines pp patern and to see more works made during clasess (HERE).

1. Block made by Kerry during classes (Penny Dog); 
2. Block made by Hadley during classes (Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle); 
3. Block made by Hadley after classes (Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle); 
4. Block made by Aylin during classes (ayliN-Nilya); 
5. Block made by Agnieszka during classes (a quilt, maybe); 
6. Block made by Agnieszka after classes (a quilt, maybe); 
7. Block made by Elisabeth during classes (Shark's Dinner).

At retreat you can meet a lot of wonderful quilters not only during classes, but also during other events (like Show&Tell and other events which took place at the terrace or main hall). One evening we spent with great quilters from Germany: Aylin, Miriam, Floh and Tacha. At Saturday evening we went out with Agnieszka and her husband (and laugh all the time:D). We met also LeilaKerry, Lynne, BrioniJo and many many other wonderful quilters. After my summer break I will google all people I met there, to stay in touch and simply admire their works:)
But there were also people, who I wanted to meet (because I knew their blogs and love their works), but I wasn't able to spy them in the crowd:( If I regret something, this is it.
I must also admit (like Aylin) that some people could feel a bit lost, especially if they were late... When we entered main hall people were already chatting and if someone is shy, it's hard to just come and say hi.

OK - that wasn't short summary:) a bit long, but I've got still impression that I missed a lot of things that I wanted to write about... (I'll edit this post after my summer break, right now I'm in the middle of packing and it's not easy to have clear mind... I will add also some photos of retreat goodies and a few pieces that I bought during market)

Last, but not least, a few snapshots from our trip around London:

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  1. Julka! gratulacje- fantastyczna sprawa takie warsztaty! i podziwiam Wasze zaangażowanie, zapał. To gdzie następne ? :) pozdrowienia!

  2. Świetna sprawa- pozostaje jedynie zazdrości :-)

  3. Thanks for the class. I really enjoyed. I was in your second class, and it seemed like the nerves had really gone by then! We all appreciate how hard it must be teaching in a second language

  4. Hi sweety, i am sooo glad we met and am so happy i Asket you for my QAL. You are such a Fine Person and I understand you so much about the Feeling a Little löst, Even not being she. I think it is also, because this is not our Language, don't you think so too?
    But again: it was fantastic. We will see us again. I am sure about that :-)

  5. I thought you were both fabulous teaching PP in a different language! I learnt so much and have finished my typewriter which I love despite choosing a wooden desk which made it more complicated!

  6. I loved your class and I am hoping to finish my typewriter this weekend. And thank you so much for explaining how to place the fabrics in line for the angle lines. I know this geometry but the solution had been defeating me for a long while. I truly appreciated this and so enjoyed your class.

  7. Thanks for teaching at retreat, all I've done this week is paper piece!

  8. I am so sad that we didn't meet! I have a lot of the same feelings about the retreat - it was hard to find time to seek out the people I wanted to find and talk to them. I loved London and would love to go back one day - but that heat was crazy!

  9. Glad to meet you in person! Hope to see you soon again!

  10. I loved your EPP class and have almost finished my block. I'm not sure what to do with it yet but am already looking forward to sewing more curves :-)

  11. Hi - I saw a beautiful block in a medallion quilt. I asked Agnieszka about a pattern name. She referred me to your site. It appears to be EPP with curves. I have never tried EPP. I am slowly working on a Grandmother's Flower Garden and using traditional hand piecing instead of EPP. I love the design and am wondering if the design is 1) from a traditional block design that I could do with traditional piecing or 2) available for purchase..

    I live in just about the middle of the United States. My paternal grandfather came to the United States alone to stay when he was 17. I've always wanted to visit my roots in England. I thought it was a pipe dream. I have arrangements to go to England late this summer with a tour. I'm very excited.

    Thank you for any information you can give me.


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