by Julianna Gąsiorowska

Pay it forward - is there someone to play with me?

When I read on Leila blog (Where the Orchids Grow) about Pay it Forward, I just knew that I have to sign in!

I am a big fan of Leila works (especially potholders), so when I was asked what I would like to get, the choice was easy:)
Just look at lovely potholder, which Leila made for me:

(you can see the whole post HERE)

I just can't wait to get it in my hands. I'm not sure if I use it - probably it will hang on the kitchen wall to be admired by us and our guests:) I know... it's against Leila thoughts, but I'm sure that none of you, wouldn't like to get this loveliness stained or dirty.

Now it's my turn to pay it forward:)

If you would like to play along with me, just leave a comment on this post.
The first three of you will get a little handmade item from me.

Then you just have to Pay it Forward by sending something handmade to three of your readers within a year's time.

11 lovely comments / miłych komentarzy:

  1. to ja się zgłaszam :)
    daleko mi do Twojego kunsztu, ale będę się bardzo starać :)

  2. Can i be the first? I live in Georgia (country)

  3. :( szkoda, że się spóźniłam:(

  4. gah! missed it! I'd have so loved to own something made by you! I'm sure you are going to make something totally 'swoon-worthy!!'

  5. ah darn! missed the first three! what a lovely idea! beautiful potholder!!

  6. ...........Oh but I wish I was one two or three.....

    I love checking out your colours that you combine, amazing work.

  7. Hi!

    So sad I didn´t see this earlier... But what great idea, i love it!(:

    Hope you have an awesome week!(;

    Carmila Ponycat

  8. You're very lucky! The potholder is awesome!

  9. lovely lovely lovely. Three times lovely! I would be in if I had better timing:)
    Next time.

  10. I want to play too! Its a lovely idea and broadens the world for me. The idea of having something made for you by a someone you have never met face to face is very connecting. Also nice to be making... a really great idea!


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