by Julianna Gąsiorowska


This is my new pillow cover. It feels good to have it in our living room. I had a moment of hesitation and I was wondering whether I should piece a quilt, but luckily for us I decided to keep it as pillow cover (piecing quilts by me is neverending story...:).

/ Uszyłam sobie nową poduszkę. Co prawda w pewnym momencie chciałam uszyć więcej takich bloków i stworzyć quilt, ale całe szczęście oprzytomniałam i skończyło się na poduszce (quilty szyję latami...:).


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  1. Your pillow is just beautiful. The wall paper is wonderful. They compliment each other so nicely. Good to have a blog post from you. Stay safe.

  2. It’s so Beautiful. I think you do excellent work. I love the little fox too. I’m glad to meet you even across the miles and water.

  3. Stunning as always, Julianna! I love your use of saturated colours and bold prints - this pillow is a work of art!

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