by Julianna Gąsiorowska

Modern Geese - published

Issue 88 of Love Patchwork & Quilting is out and you will find my next project in it!

HERE you can get your own copy:)

And it actually made a cover:) well, as mini, but still!

photo of courtesy of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine

This is the usual project of mine: long time in the making...:))) First blocks ('modern' part) were pieced in November 2016 (or even earlier), but I finished the whole top in late 2019. It was quilted in early 2020, right before sending it to LPQ. What a race! ;)
The sentence was figure out by me as some sort of my reaction to the discussion in the quilting community about what makes a modern quilt. Now I guess it is not up to date? 

The pattern is based on flying geese blocks, a bit alternated by adding some sort of a frame to each geese. This way I created the space for fussy cut words. One block is for the sentence/word start, the next for the ending and of course the third for everything in between.
It is very versatile design as you can place there any sentence you want - sky is the limit!

The most time-consuming part is fussy cutting the letters, the rest is just easy and fast (especially piecing the blocks and assembling the whole quilt top). Well, unless you are such a snail as I:)))

I used mostly solids mixed with some Carolyn Friedlander prints and some others prints that matched the colorstory.
The letters are fussy cut from Suzuko Koseki prints, actually 2 prints tops, but in different colors. Several letters are constructed from other letters as I run out of some of them (could you spy them without enlarging the photo?).

For binding I used some of the leftovers of two bias tapes which I had - just to create something interesting (one of the bias tapes has a crochet on the edge - a traditional twist to this bold quilt).

I really enjoying making this wall hanging and I'm glad that I chose so happy colourway.
I hope that LPQ readers will have so much fun as I have while making it!

photo of courtesy of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine

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