by Julianna Gąsiorowska

Love letters

New issue (86) of Love Patchwork & Quilting is out and it contains my quilt Love Letters (I don't know yet if such name is used in the mag).

This is a very special quilt for me, my favourite quilt I made so far. However, its history of making is quite long… First blocks were made in 2014 or even earlier (first photo of WIP I managed to find is dated 2014, I'm not sure whether on my old laptop I won't find earlier photos). Top was finished in 2017, but I bounded it in November 2019. This means that it took me 5 years to make it (I'm sure that I've got WIP's which will wait more to be finished:).

I'm sure that it would take me longer to finished it if it wasn't for Margaret (Silesian Quilt) who quilt it on her long-arm. The quilting is simple, but yet very effective. I am so grateful that Margaret decided to quilt it and so honored!

This is a simple log-cabin quilt with red Suzuki Koseki flowers in the centre, but I incorporated in each block love themed sentences. It was so fun to look for words that can build full sentences and I love all of them:) My favorite is probably 'I love you to the moon and back', where I used Heather Ross moon insted of the word (bottom left block in the below photo).

All blocks are framed with black print with numbers, but I didn't have it enough for whole border so I used another print of Suzuko Koseki with daisies (also red as the one used in the centres of each block). The binding is made of selvedges. It is just perfect for this quilt (I have to admit that I love such binding so much that I would gladly bound all my quilt this way:).

I didn't not take any photos of finished quilt before sending it to LP&Q, but I've got a few (crappy) photos of some blocks and finished top:
(I plan to make a proper photoshoot when my quilt backs home)

If you would like to use my pattern and make a similar quilt, here's the LP&Q cover, where you can find it:

edit: thanks to Margaret (Silesian Quilt), I can show you more photos of my quilt (she took them while/after quilting):

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