by Julianna Gąsiorowska

Fussy cuts in paper piecing

wersja polska wkrótce:)

This is a short tutorial about making fussy cuts in paper piecing. For example to make a driver in my pp pattern (free pp pattern is available in this POST):

First of all you have to print twice the paper part which includes fussy cut pieces. From one of them cut the shape where the fussy cut is placed:

Then put these two papers exactly one on each other - the photo shows which sides should goes where:

Turn two papers together on the left side and put piece of fabric between papers (it could be a squared piece of fabric, bigger than fussy cut shape. If you've got doubts how cut the square, make it bigger than you think it should be - just in case:).

Try to manipulate fabric between papers to get the best result:

Pin fabric to the bottom paper, remove top paper, put the second part of fabric and pin it (keep in mind the rules of paper piecing):

Sew the fabrics on the paper (on the side were lines and numbers are visible):

Turn to the other side, press second part of the fabric and put the third piece of fabric:

Again sew it on the other side of your work. Repeat all steps untill all parts are sew on.

When you finish this part of the block will look like this:

(I put a paper on the bottom to show how this little deer will look like when all parts will be sewn together).

Soon I'll add more pictures and explanations to make this tutorial complete tutorial about paper piecing.

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful tutorial! It has helped me sooooo much!

  2. OMG...thank you for this tutorial...haven't tried it yet, but I will really soon. For years I struggle to get a fussy cut to fit, I move it this way and that and take out stitches, do over and on and on. Now you've made some sense out of it. Thank you so much!

  3. This terrific, we have a christmas theme coming up and i would like to ddo this one ...may i...and are there more christmas pp around?

  4. Thank you for this tutorial! It'll definitely make the fussy cut things easier!

  5. How fun!! Thank you from across the miles.

    in southern California

  6. do you have a tutorial about paper piecing using a machine and sewing the fabric throught the paper as it looks like you've done? I have only done paper piecing with hexagons and the sewing is done by hand. I want to try the Forest QAL, but am super intimidated!!


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