by Julianna Gąsiorowska

Pink your quilt!

(opis po polsku dodam w weekend, padam z nóg:)

Yesterday when my husband got back home, I thought that I should measure my mini quilt for EZ Dresden Challenge (you can read about my mini HERE). I just wanted to put exact measurement in the post (I haven't measure my quilt while sewing, I rarely measure my works). So I did... And I noticed that my 'mini' is too large for 'small/mini' category... What was worse, it was too small for other categories... 
So I rip of some binding (it was about 7 p.m.) and started sewing. I had only one evening to change something in my quilt, so I had to come up with ideas really fast and every decision about fabrics and shapes had to be very fast too. There were no time for mistakes. Usually I sew things slowly, celebrating the moments (especially in fabric selection). I don't make detailed plans for my works, but at least I know what will be the final effect and what I want to achieve. This time I hadn't got even rough plan.
So you should see me while sewing! I was like hurricane! No one wouldn't be able to stop me:) What is strange, I didn't make a lot of mess (usually I'm not a hurricane, but my sewing space looks like after hurricane:).

I finished my entry at midnight:

Originally my mini was named 'Pink your laundry!', after makeover the name was change too (for 'Pink your quilt!'). This is a result of additions I made. What will happen if you wash new fancy red dress with brand new low volume quilt? You'll get fancy pink quilt of course:). But don't try it at home;)
The red dress has skirt made of Dresden Plates, low volume quilt is also made of Dresdens. The rest are instructions how to pink the quilt (fussy cut from different fabrics):

Here are some other details:

I'm not completely satisfied with the result I achieved (some things I would make differently if I wasn't sewing without a plan), but I'm really glad that I have opportunity for such type of sewing. I never tried it before (I didn't have to:) and it's really challenging and fun! While sewing I came up with some ideas which I put in my notebook (for sure I'll try them later - this time with a plan:).

But anyway I submit my quilt to:

5 lovely comments / miłych komentarzy:

  1. I absolutely LOVE your mini! Also, I love that you write in both English and Polish for most of your posts --it helps me practice reading in Polish since I so rarely get a chance! Twoja strona i twoje projekty są oby dwie świetne!

  2. Oh no! Well at least you figured it out in time! The alterations look fabulous!

  3. Myślę, że Twoje niezadowolenia bierze się tylko i wyłącznie ze zmęczenia!

    Jest niesamowicie piękny, zabawny i DOSKONAŁY!!!!
    Prześliczny i cudowny, choć to za mało powiedziane!

    Niesamowicie pomysłowo go uszyłaś!
    Bardzo mi się podoba i będę o nim śnić po nocach...

  4. I think it is great! I can't imagine how you must have felt when you you measured it!

  5. Good luck! I love the washer- you are always SO creative!


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