by Julianna Gąsiorowska

Text fabrics shopping spots

I would love to share with you some information about shopping spots of text fabrics (on-line shops only - in Poland we don't have local quilt shops).

Most of you have your favorite text fabrics shopping spots, so it would be really great if you could share it in special thread of Sew Out Loud QAL Flickr group - HERE.

Let's start with shops of Sew Out Loud QAL sponsors - I'll show you my current favorites

Fat Quarter Shop is a great source of new collections - big hits like Sweatwater's designs. It has also great sale section (I bought last year fantastic Christmas text fabric - 5 dollars per yard! - and I used it in every Christmas thing I made:).

Now you can buy there:

Sew Fresh Fabrics (Etsy store) has always wonderful selection of Japanese prints (egg. designed by Kumiko Fujita) plus some awesome new collections of US manufacturers.

Here are some of my favorite prints:

1) Square stop sign, 2) Live life Clothing, 3) Milk Caps,
4) Teal & orange calendar, 5) Sew Fresh logo, 6) Town News Stop sign,
7) Chaplin in cream, 8) Calendar stripe, 9) Friends in Teal.

Be sure to stop by at our Judge store La Clochette - full of prints of Suzuko Koseki (in sections titled "Original").
Please note that Japanese fabrics are always more expensive than US fabrics (I don't really know the price, because I never calculated it - just bought it and enjoy:).

I'm not able to put links to each fabrics, but you'll find them in "Original" categories.

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  1. Ooooh, I loved your comment about the price of Japanese fabrics! I agree...just buy and enjoy!!


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