by Julianna Gąsiorowska

Giveaway winner

This post will be short (I'm a bit ill:(

I didn't expect that so many people will take part in my giveaway! Now I know that the next giveaway will be more simple:)

Thank you ALL for sharing with me your works - it was so great to see all these fabulous quilts, bags, toys... I didn't see them all yet, but for sure I'll get back to admiring your works:)

The lucky number is:

I made a list with your entries and under number 20 is hiding this comment:

Do you want to see fabulous works of Tong? Here's her Flickr photostream: Tingtongandthings.

Congrats Tong!

I've already contacted Tong and she chose 14 FQ's bundle, so I'll edit this post and show you what fabrics I've picked from my stash:)

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